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“With Keith’s help, I finished the first year of my Bachelor of Education degree with a 4.225 GPA – that’s an A+ in all but two courses! I recommend him highly and hope to work with him again through the second year of my degree.”  –  Ken P. Mount Saint Vincent University

“Keith has been a great mentor of mine since starting college in 2014. He taught me how to build the skills I needed to overcome academic and life challenges standing in the way of where and who I wanted to be. Keith learned who I was and then taught me skills based on how I learn. He showed me how to take a strength based approach to support building my weaker skills. I have learned and grown so much in the last few years. Thank you for believing in me and showing me how to believe in myself. I am graduating NSCC June 13th with a 92 GPA and no grade below an 80 meaning I qualify for honnors! I went from almost dropping out my first month of school to now attending Cape Breton University in September where I will utilize my new skills!! I was not expecting Keith to wrap up his Propel ICT Halifax Demo Day Pitch of in June 2017 by offering me a part time job which I can work long distance in the fall and awarding me a $500.00 scholarship to support my education moving forward. Thank you for helping me find my path and pointing me in the right direction. You’re a true inspiration in my life! I don’t know where  exactly I’m heading but I can feel in my heart that it’s somewhere I want to be.  There’s a lot of “thank yous” in this post but just one more, thanks for everything Keith!”

– Chase V. Nova Scotia Community College

“Throughout the 2 years I attended post-secondary (Nova Scotia Community College and Eastern College), Keith’s support was instrumental in not only helping me complete my diploma with an 83% average but also as a lifeline of support through some challenging life circumstances.”

– Derrick R. Nova Scotia Community College

“If you are someone who gets stressed, anxious or even depressed, Keith will help! Many times I felt like I had lost my head but Keith was always there to help me find it and screw it back on!” 

– Liam B. Nova Scotia Community College

“I meet with Alana every week and she is unbelievably helpful! She helps me keep my ADHD in check and always figures out a way to make me feel one hundred percent in control whenever I am feeling overwhelmed with schoolwork. Would recommend in a heartbeat!”      

 – Lia R. Dalhousie University